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Yoga + Surf Retreat

Nosara, Costa Rica- Jan 13-19 *CLICK HERE

A yoga + surf retreat in one of the worlds Blue Zones. Wether you have never surfed before or you have been surfing for years and want to improve your skills- we will tailer your surf lessons to your specific needs. Along side a daily surf session, you will start your day with a vinyasa class and end with a Yoga Tune Up ball rolling restorative class. With food prepared by Moira (see below) and a couple of sessions with Ryan from Strive Life Athletics to target specific muscles to strengthen your body in preparation for surfing- this retreat is tailored to all levels!

***You do not have to surf to come on this retreat- there are plenty of other things to do in Nosara..***


THE CHEF :::: Moira Nordholt

Moira’s yoga is on the mat and in the kitchen. At feelgoodguru on queen st west, she feeds toronto delicious organic plant-powered food. Moira believes that food is medicine and that with intention and practise we can change the way we eat, the way we feel, the way we look and the way we affect others around us. Her e-book, “feel good fast” is being updated and will soon be re-released with new recipes from the feelgoodguru kitchen! Stay tuned