Heart of Summer

Heart of Summer: A Focus on the Heart & Kidney Meridians with Jackie Szabo & Dr. Allison Creech

Sunday August 10th 2-430pm $65 ($40 for teachers & trades) 10% off for members

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Using acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, asana (yoga postures), guided meditation & other energy release techniques- with a specific focus on the heart and kidney meridians- we’ll support you as you release blocks in these systems in order to achieve balance and harmony through your whole body. The Heart and Kidney meridians are associated with the emotions of love and fear in Chinese medicine and they work together to vitalize and coordinate your experience in life.

Heart Meridian– joy & love. A balanced heart meridian enables the ability to both give and receive love and experience joy.  The Fire of the heart is invigorating- it promotes mind-body health and coordinates the functioning of all other systems in the body.

Kidney Meridian- energy & essence.  The kidney represents the “gate of life” and provides the energy for all of the other meridians.  It is represented by the Water element and it nourishes, fuels, and cools the body.  When the  kidney meridian is balanced, we move with strength and fluidity and are grounded in our being.

Balancing these two opposites with this type of work will create a deeper sense of love and joy while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. You will leave feeling energized, clear, focused, open and light.

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Balance in Bali

What an amazing retreat in Bali. What an incredible group. Thank you all for travelling so far to explore, rest, reflect. Thank you all for opening up to the experience and for allowing me to share with you what yoga means to me.

bali group

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