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June 10-17th, 2017 – Southern Italy

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About The Retreat

  • Info
  • June 10-17, 2017
    w/Jackie & Jacqueline


    Under the Mediterranean blue sky, practice inspiring, precise yoga adapted to your own level. Surrounded by olive gardens, fields of flowers and breathtaking scenery, you will be charmed by the hospitality of your hosts, an Italian family, and their elegantly restored traditional farmhouse (maseria) and 17th century monastery.An environment that inspires the love of yoga and la bella vita.

    This is the ultimate Italian destination for yoga. It was recently named one of the top 50 health vacation resorts worldwide according to the British Times and one of the best retreat centres in the world by Taschen Books. It is located in the splendid valley of Itria, famous for its whimsical trulli, small white huts with conical roofs. The town of Martina Franca is located nearby with its charming stone paved streets, outdoor markets, cafes and gelaterias. Oh, and let’s not forget traditional Italian cuisine, which is absolutely divine!

    $500 Deposit to reserve your spot


  • Registration
  • Private and Shared Accommodations :
    Private $2600 – FULL
    Double $2000 – FULL
    Triple $1750 – FULL

    $500 Non-refundable Deposit to reserve your spot.
    Pay in Full By April 1st, 2017

    ~7 nights (8 days) at La Rosa dei 4 Venti
    ~2 yoga classes per day (vinyasa yoga, yin/restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama)
    ~3 vegetarian meals combining fresh local produce (no soy, no wheat, just fresh vegetables and olive oil.)
    ~Tea, herbal tea and snacks offered during the day. Wireless Internet is available.
    ~Access to the pool, the yoga room, the outdoor yoga platform, the reading room and a private forest for contemplative walking or walking meditation.

    Not included:
    ~Travel insurance
    ~Paypal fee and/or credit card fee
    ~Airfare (choose the airport at Brindisi or Bari).
    ~Transportation from the airport to the retreat location (a shuttle is available for an extra fee)
    ~Additional excursions in the surrounding area. (We will be near medieval villages and magnificent beaches. One or two excursions can be organized on site for an extra fee.)

    Retreat Policy

    A $500 CAD non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a space in the retreat. The balance is due on April1st, 2017. Refunds on the balance are given for cancellations made more than 60 days prior to the retreat. Credit of the balance (to be used for a future retreat) will be given for cancellations made 60-30 days prior to the retreat start date. Credit of 50% of the balance (to be used for a future retreat) will be given for cancellations made less than 30days prior to the retreat start date. No credits or refunds will be given after the retreat begins. Jackie Szabo is not responsible for any and all costs incurred for travel arrangements related to getting to this event including weather related events. Please be sure to purchase travel insurance.


    For any travel information, please contact:
    Jenn Collins – Travelonly
    Phone: (416) 801-2755

    Head Office: 325 West Street, Bldg A, Suite 202 Brantford, Ontario N3R 3V6 / Phone # – 519.752.4363 *TravelOnly customer funds are protected in Ontario by TICO 4316071

  • The Doshas
  • Our theme? The doshas! And how to tap into your optimal diet + lifestyle to live the healthiest life for your dosha type. Don’t know what a dosha is? Here a little info on Doshas from the @mindbodygreen website:
    The 3 Dosha types:

    1. Vata Dosha — Energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion, including blood circulation, breathing, blinking, and your heartbeat.
    In balance: There is creativity and vitality.
    Out of balance: Can produce fear and anxiety.

    2. Pitta Dosha — Energy that controls the body’s metabolic systems, including digestion, absorption, nutrition, and your body’s temperature.
    In balance: Leads to contentment and intelligence.
    Out of balance: Can cause ulcers and anger.

    3. Kapha Dosha — Energy that controls growth in the body. It supplies water to all body parts, moisturizes the skin, and maintains the immune system.
    In balance: Expressed as love and forgiveness.
    Out of balance: Can lead to insecurity and envy.

    Each person has all three Doshas, but usually one or two dominate. Various Dosha proportions determine one’s physiological and personality traits, as well as general likes and dislikes. For example Vata types will prefer hot weather to cold and Kapha types are more likely to crave spicy foods than other types.

  • Ayurvedic Retreat Center
  • Built on a hillside, the centre benefits from a very peaceful setting. The site is ideally suited for excursions in the surrounding countryside, reading and daydreaming, bicycling or relaxing in the pool. The rooms are elegantly appointed and very comfortable. The whitewashed buildings stay cool even under the warm Italian sun.

    The diet here is extremely important. as much as the yoga practice. Our cuisine follows the PH Alkaline diet philosophy whose goal is to bring back to balance our organism through a healthy vegetarian diet mainly raw, organic with low gluten, no dairy and wheat free. We serve fresh, organic, seasonal products from our garden, we produce our own goat cheese and milk and we make our own bread, pastries and pastas with spelt flour. Our dishes are from the Italian tradition but revisited by us following this diet by introducing some raw dishes at lunch and superfoods in our recipes.

  • Travel

    Leaving from BARI AIRPORT take the SS16 and continue for about 69 Km.
Take the exit TARANTO toward Fasano/ Locorotondo /Martina Franca and take the SS172dir for approximately 11.7 Km
Once in Martina Franca turn left into the STRADA POVINCIALE 70 for about 10 km, then turn left STRADA MONTI DEL DUCA 302 ZONA H, continue for 450mt and turn right for STRADA MONTI DEL DUCA 302 ZONA H.
Then continue for another 2.5 km to your destination.


    In uscita dall’aeroporto di BRINDISI seguire le indicazioni per TARANTO/LECCE/BRINDISI Centro. Imboccare la SS16 e, dopo circa 2 Km prendere l’uscita BRINDISI Centro. Imboccare la SS7 e proseguire per 35,7 Km. Uscire a VILLA CASTELLI e svoltare a sinistra sulla STRADA PROVINCIALE 50 per circa 6,5 Km. Attraversare Villa Castelli e svoltare a sinistra sulla STRADA PROVINCIALE 66, proseguire per 7,0 Km e poi svoltare a sinistra per STRADA PROVINCIALE 67, quindi proseguire per 4,3 Km. All’incrocio svoltare a sinistra e subito a destra verso STRADA MONTI DEL DUCA 302 ZONA H. Proseguire per 1,1 Km fino a destinazione.


    Leaving from BRINDISI AIRPORT follow the signs to TARANTO/LECCE /BRINDISI Centro.
Take the SS16 and, after 2 km, take the exit BRINDISI Centro.
Take the SS7 and continue for 35.7 km. Take the exit VILLA CASTELLI and turn left onto the STRADA PROVINCIALE 50 for about 6.5 Km
Cross Villa Castelli and turn left onto the STRADA PROVINCIALE 66, continue for 7.0 km and then turn left onto STRADA PROVINCIALE 67, then continue for 4.3 km.
Turn left and immediately right towards STRADA MONTI DEL DUCA 302 ZONA H.
Continue for 1.1 km until you reach your destination.

    This retreat is full.

    Purchase Deposit