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retreat sale

RETREAT SALE (special relief price)

I know a lot of you were planning on doing a retreat soon and many of you are dreaming of your next trip– id like to offer you an opportunity to buy a future retreat credit (helps us out now and you out later with a savings of 30%)

PAY $350 now to get a $500 retreat credit



*these amounts are in CAD
*credit will never expire
*credit can be applied to any of my retreats (if the retreat is in USD – we will take the exchange rate of the day the credit is used)
*feel free to buy a couple (you can use multiple credits for the same retreat
*you can gift it to a friend (great mothers day gift)

Locations I have set for the next couple years: Guatemala, Nosara, France, Portugal, Ontario

(but as you know – I always book the best places!)

Jackie Szabo

Retreat Sale

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