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The Qi of Spring

The Qi of Spring: A Focus on the Liver & Gallbladder Meridians with Jackie Szabo & Dr. Allison Creech

Sunday May 24th 2-430pm $65 ($40 for teachers & trades) 10% off for members

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yoga asana/pranayama + acupuncture + craniosacral therapy + guided meditation
The energy of spring is about growth, action, and moving forward with clarity and purpose. It is represented by the element of Wood and is held in the body’s Liver and Gallbladder meridians. When Wood energy is balanced, you have clear vision and feel empowered and energized to reach your goals.

The Liver is the most important organ for the movement of Qi and Blood in the body, and it is negatively impacted by anger and other unexpressed emotions. If you are irritable or easily stressed out then there’s a good chance your liver qi is out of balance. The energy of the Gall Bladder meridian has to do with courage, decision-making, and determination. It also supports muscular strength and vitality in the body. Both meridians play a key role in digestion, with specific emphasis on detoxification and the quality of cellular nutrition we are able to receive.

The energy of Spring stimulates movement and provides an opportunity to move forward from a point of harmony, creativity, and insight. We will work with the seasonal energy and the Yin/Yang of the meridian systems to help remove blocks and stimulate the free flow of Qi in your body. You will leave feeling energized, relaxed, and inspired for the season ahead.